How To Attract A Taurus Man (5 Simple Tips)

The Taurus man is stable and dependable. He is not prone to change, and he finds comfort in routine.

But just what does it take for someone to attract the Taurus main of their dreams? Read on to find the five things that Taurus men simply can’t resist in a potential partner!

Tip #1: Appearances aren’t *everything* — but they do matter.

It is superficial, but the Taurus man cares about how you look. Personal maintenance is a must. Anyone can put on a nice outfit, but it takes real effort and commitment to go to the gym or run on a regular basis.

Taurus Looking Good

You don’t need to be a supermodel but putting some effort will definitely go a long way. It will project that you care about yourself and value your quality of life. This will attract the Taurus man a lot more than fancy shoes or a some matching purse.

Tip #2: Don’t be afraid to show your vulnerable side.

Do not try to appear perfect. No one is. During your conversations with the Taurus man, it will be helpful to reveal a few of your mistakes in life. Make sure to tell him what you have learned from failure and how it made you a better person. Basically just ‘let him in’.

Taurus Vulnerable Side

Sure, you should project confidence and resilience as he is not going to be attracted to a train wreck but he also need you to be honest and open up to him.

Tip #3: Communicate your intentions CLEARLY with him.

Getting a date will require assertiveness. If you want a long-term relationship with a Taurus man, make that clear early and make sure he understands you have ambitions and goals.

Taurus Communication

The five-year plan probably will come up in the first few weeks, so be ready with yours. If the Taurus man is not ready for a long-term commitment, he will let you know. He is not one for wasting time, especially not his. If you’re looking for a long-term friendship, the Taurus man is not ideal. Chances are his inner circle is very small.

Tip #4: Show off your independent side and show him you can fend for yourself.

A successful person attracts the Taurus man and generally speaking if you want to attract him you should have your shit together.. A person with a mountain of debt screams incompetence and irresponsibility. If the Taurus man wants a family, he is looking for a spouse with paid off credit cards and a healthy 401k portfolio. Gold diggers should apply elsewhere.

Independant Self-Reliant

The Taurus man will see leeches as bad investments. He dislikes extremists of all kinds. For those he does like though he will be forever loyal and protective.

Tip #5: Take him for an outdoor adventure and bond in the wilderness.

You don’t have to be an aerobics instructor to attract the Taurus man, but it can definitely help to embrace the great outdoors as Taurus men often go hand in hand with nature. Fear of bugs or the sun are things you’ll need to conquer to be with a Taurus man as camping and hiking are common interests for him.

Taurus Men Love The Outdoors

He has moved on from walks on the beach or strolls in the park. He’s not into super high-risk adventures such as bungee jumping, but fishing probably is a calm sport he loves and takes seriously.

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