5 Telling Signs A Taurus Woman LIKES You…

Her stunning smile, the curve of her lips, your excitement whenever you receive a text…you’re 100% interested in this woman.

Of course, you want to know if she’s interested, too. From small talk, you discover that she’s a Taurus. The Bull of the Zodiac is independent, sensual, and decedent. But is she into you? Read on to discover the sure-fire signs that a Taurus woman likes you!

Sign #1: She lets you take control… sometimes.

Taurus women love to be in control. They savor their independence and love running the show. When they’re interested in someone however, they’ll take a step back and occasionally let you pilot.

Taurus Taking Control

She’ll ask for your opinion, let you plan the next date night, or ask for your assistance when she’d normally go it alone. For a Taurus woman, even the slightest release of the reins is significant!

Sign #2: She always seems to be there when you need help.

Taurus women are loyal and reliable to the extreme especially with people that they are fond of. Even at 2 a.m., she’s the person you can depend on whenever you need a helping hand or advice.

Loyal Taurus Woman In Relationship

If she likes you a lot then don’t be surprised if you not only get her help when you specifically ask for it but if you also you get random inquiries asking how you’re feeling or if you need any assistance with anything else… she’ll always go the extra mile.

Sign #3: She’s supportive, encouraging and incredibly generous.

If a Taurus woman really likes you then she will show in the form of support and encouragement for any endeavor that you embark on. She’ll give you the motivation and confidence to achieve just about anything.

Generous Taurus Woman Likes You

She can also be extremely generous and give their loved ones random and spontaneous gifts that they have put a tonne of thought into.

Sign #4: She wants to delight your senses and take you on adventures.

If your phone is flooded with invitations to adventures and fancy shindigs then chances are… she likes you. Taurus signs bask in the beauty of art, taste, music, and drama–anything involving the senses or atmosphere.

Lively Taurus Women

They find joy in everything from a Beethoven symphony to the flashing rainbow of club lights, and if they like you they will want to take you along for the thrilling ride!

Sign #5: She opens up to you.

The Taurus woman can take time to open up and can even be quite hard to read at times so if she trusts you and is able to ‘let you in’ then it’s a very good sign that she may well like you.

Serious Relationship

Taurus notoriously take time to reveal their heart, so when she starts sharing her thoughts and emotions, she may be ready to go to take things to the next level.

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