8 Revealing Traits Of The Taurus Man…

Taurus men, whose zodiac sign is the Bull, are those men whose birthday falls between April 20th and May 20th, give or take a day or two.

These men make the best of friends and great business partners and if you have one in your life, they make for one hell of an ally to have by your side. Here are eight typical traits and characteristics of the Taurus man!

Trait #1: The Taurus man is big on routine.

The Taurus man will do things in a way that he believes is the best, whether or not other people agree with him is not his concern.

Taurus Routine Traits

Therefore, the Taurus man will often resist all forms of change whether it is good or bad for him.

Trait #2: The Taurus man is a reliable friend that you can count on.

Do you have some friends that you would never trust with the least of your possessions? It is very likely that the men you thought of are not Taurus men.

Dependable Taurus Man

These men are dependable in every way, and they will go out of their way to fulfil their obligation.

Trait #3: The Taurus man knows how to listen.

The Taurus man tends to be a great listener and it’s one of the reasons why the women in his life love to confide in him so much

Taurus Man Listening

He might not be the best at making small talk, but his ability to listen and evaluate the situation makes him the best person to share your problems with.

Trait #4: The Taurus man is a go-getter.

Taurus men always go after whatever goals that they set their sights on HARD. Like a bull that is out to destroy a threat, these men are relentless and tough.

The Taurus Man Is A Go Getter

They know how to set their targets and achieve them, despite what people around them think.

Trait #5: The Taurus man can be stubborn.

Like the bull that represents them Taurus men can be notoriously stubborn when they want something done a certain way.

Bullheaded Taurus

They know that their ideas can work and when they think something is important they are willing push hard to get others to come around to their way of thinking.

Trait #6: The Taurus man is often successful but doesn’t boast about it.

Some people talk too much about what they have done and achieved. But this is a quality that you will hardly find in a Taurus man.

Successful But Humble Taurus Man

Taurus men prefer to just work hard and make shit happen letting their success speak for itself.

Trait #7: The Taurus man likes the finer things in life.

Although he might not necessarily be ‘flashy’ he definitely does have a taste for the finer things in life and he knows how to seek out quality.

Taurus Men Like Nice Things

These men work hard so that they can enjoy a certain standard of living and when they take time off they like to live the good life!

Trait #8: The Taurus man can sometimes hold back.

The Taurus man can sometimes find themselves holding back and can be a bit on the reserved side at times.

Holding Back

Don’t be fooled though… when they feel comfortable around you they will unleash their inner wild side!

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Veronica Brown says

I been seeing a Taurus man, he can be very stubborn and has surprised me in a good way. I know we will be friends for life!

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