10 Sure-fire Signs Of A TAURUS Personality…

Whether you are a Taurus yourself or just have a lot of them in your life you’ll probably recognize at least a few of these things as commonplace for most people born under this zodiac sign.

Here are 7 sure-fire signs of a Taurus personality.

Sign #1: They’re opinionated and don’t ‘sit on the fence’….

The Taurus is an extremely opinionated creature that’s more than capable of capable of forming their own ideas.

Loud And Opinionated Taurus

And once a Taurus has decided on something… they rarely change their mind.

Sign #2: They have a taste for the finer things in life.

The Taurus often has a indulgent side and prefers to likes to take in all of the comforts that the world has to offer.

Taurus Likes Luxury

They definitely know how to pamper themselves – that’s for sure.

Sign #3: They’re independent and proud of their ability to be self reliant.

One sure sign of a Taurus personality is a strong willed sense of independence and self reliance.

Independent Taurus

They’re proud of their ability to get s#*t done for themselves without having to rely on the charity of others. They believe in creating their own future rather than simply leaving it up to fate or chance.

Sign #4: They have been to known to have the occasional dramatic outburst.

Being strong minded the Taurus can definitely be a bit ‘bull-headed’ and argumentative at times and has been known to occasionally cause a bit of a scene.

Drama And Outburst

They know how to keep their cool in most situations but when something REALLY grinds their gears they AREN’T afraid to make a scene and to let others know about it.

Sign #5: They have a cool demeanor that’s deceptively relaxed.

When not in an argumentative state however the Taurus comes across as very cool, calm and relaxed. This leads many to think they haven’t a care in the world.

Relaxed Taurus

However the Taurus is simply not an open book and disguises many of the feelings, fears and desires that run deeper within them with this deceptively relaxed attitude.


Sign #6: They have a jealous streak… but they’re good at hiding it.

Taurus can easily fall into the trap of being materialistic and envious of what others have.


As a Taurus it’s important to remember that comparing yourself and what you have to that of others is pointless and doesn’t do you any favors.

Sign #7: They’re ambitious and hard working.

The Taurus personality doesn’t believe in relying on ‘luck’ to get what you want in life. Instead they believe in careful planning, fierce determination and being willing to execute something right through til completion.

Determined To Succeed

“See you at the top!” – Every Taurus ever.

Sign #8: They’re not good at ‘letting go of things’…

The Taurus personality forms extremely strong loyalties to people, groups and places and sometimes struggle to ‘move on’ and to let go of the past.

Worrying About Things

If you’re a Taurus then don’t let yourself live in the past – live in the NOW!

Sign #9: They’re realistic and practical…

Some people call the Taurus a pessimist but really they are just a realist. They’re more interested in finding practical solutions that work as opposed to chasing pipe dream fantasies that lead nowhere.

Good Work

The Taurus is one extremely capable creature.

Sign #10: They are loyal as ALL hell…

Nothing says ‘Taurus’ like a a relentless sense of loyalty.

Loyal Taurus

When you’re on the side of a Taurus you can be sure that they have always got your back.

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Rosalie says

Wow this is to close to perfect I love it

Luekeshia says

That’s so true about me…all day and everyday Taurus all day

Champagne says

I love this Thank you Every single one hit me on the head lol even the husband got a kick out of the accuracy 😛 SHARING! GO TAUREANS♡♡♡

kenyada evans says

This is so me… Some may say they don’t believe in zodiac signs but every time I read up on a Taurus…I find me and All my personalities… I love being a Taurus. Its the realist sign out here hands down… Before I even started to understand me and this sign thing…I said these things about me 😉 so no doubt I’m a full blooded Bull

S'ya Baba-Mbe Donsi says

That a #bull baby!

JTPhilpot says

This is so accurate and described me to the T! Taurus for life!

Esther says

That was awesome reading. All is true however, Im not jealous of what others have. I’m proud of what I have, how I acheived to acquire my own things.

Nadia McDougall says

You hit the nail on the head, right on point, I see myself in each and every one of these signs. Thanks for sharing, Go Taurus!!

Jessica says

Everything is so true.. Taurus are the best♉️

Lasheka Collins says


Ivery says

So many things are on Point! Lately, I have been “cleaning house” and at the top of my list for “cutting you out of my life” is BETRAYAL…don’t understand it and will “NO NOT NEVER UNDERSTAND IT!!

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